Case Studies

Mercator prides itself by developing innovative and unique solutions for its clients. When working for a client, Mercator follows a thorough and rigorous process to ensure that all possible options are evaluated to maximize value for its clients. This can involve conducting a broad-based auction when completing a sale, or taking a highly targeted approach when evaluating candidate companies. The final strategy is developed in collaboration with the client and executed by Mercator.

We have documented several specific case studies below that are representative of the types of solutions Mercator brings to its clients.

  • Divestiture; working for the seller – Mercator executed a thorough search process to achieve a purchase price 300% higher than the client’s original expectation

  • Acquisition; working for the buyer – Mercator evaluated over 100 potential candidates, before executing a $100M+ strategic acquisition

  • Private Placement – Mercator conducted a rigorous process and received over 30 term sheets before selecting the best deal for its client